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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

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What is demurely called “Exhibition of Recent Watercolors,” looks more like an illustration to an antique plot of death by flowers, when an evil emperor unloaded tons of blooms on his drunken guests. A bacchanal of orchids, tulips, irises, and daffodils, depicted in brilliant watercolors on paper is fittingly displayed in a high-ceiling St. Helena gallery, where sun pours in right through the skylight above on a June afternoon. Following a new tendency in his style, a well-loved San Francisco artist switched from neatly arranged bouquets in clear vases to wild heaps of petals and foliage, vividly jumping out of their confines, followed by crystal-clear splashes of water. Besides the watercolors, there are some unexpectedly bright monochrome metal sculptures, laser-cut after Bukovnik’s flower drawings, also on display at the gallery through the end of this month. If traveling to Wine Country does not sound like a chore, do yourself a favor and stop by at Caldwell Snyder Gallery at 1328 Main Street, St. Helena. For more information, call 707-200-5050 or visit Photo by Yuri Krasov: Susan Snyder and Gary Bukovnik at the opening of the exhibit.


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