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Monday, August 10, 2009

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Question: I’ll have a preliminary meeting with my potential employer before the job interview. The meeting is in a restaurant. I have no means for a major shopping spree right now, but looking through my wardrobe I came up with three choices. I have a business suit, which I would like to save for the actual interview; a red dress in which I look adorable, however the color might be a little too bright; or I can pick up something I would wear when I go out with friends and they compliment me on my looks. My skirts are usually on a shorter side, and most of my dressy blouses are sleeveless, but it’s summer after all... What should I wear?
Answer: Please be aware that a preliminary meeting with your potential employer might very well be your actual job interview. Now if the time to apply the things you have learned during business school.What will follow next, might be just meeting your future colleagues and doing some paperwork before your starting date. Some employers do schedule lunch meetings with their job candidates to see how a potential employee behaves in a business-casual environment. It is especially true if your future position involves meeting with clients and working with people as a company representative. Now you understand that your business suit is the only option for an occasion like this. Save your red dress for a company party when you will bring in a big client’s account. Your sleeveless outfit will be good for a casual Friday, but you must appear as a professional for your first meeting with the boss. Should you be called to the company to discuss your future position further, wear something dark and conservative. Add elegant shoes on medium heels, and a matching handbag sans metallic decorations, and don’t forget pantyhose, even if you hate them. One more thing, please don’t wear your shades on your head like a tiara. Take them off before entering the restaurant, and hide in your purse. Good luck!


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