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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Info Post
Question: I recently drove down a hilly street and almost ran over a bicyclist. Don¹t misinterpret, he was not riding his bicycle. He was standing in the middle of the road, his bike lying at his feet, and he was talking to someone on the side of the road. I panicked when I saw him, so I pressed my horn, and hit the brakes. What do you think he did? He turned to my passing car, gave me the finger, and yelled at me I don’t know what. I was trying to get around him and off as soon as I could. In the rearview mirror I saw him yelling at another driver in a car behind mine. That was not my first encounter with some kind of a particular bicyclist’s arrogance. Where does it come from? What is it with bicyclists in those sleek outfits that makes them rude and inconsiderate of others?
Answer: If I could have a dollar every time I hear about rude bicyclists I would probably be able to buy myself a tricycle by now. Pedestrians complain about bicyclists who dart past them in public places never bothering with a signal, and drivers are mad at road hogs, who ride their bikes in pairs and threesomes in front of cars. What makes some bicyclists rude and inconsiderate is hard to say. Four-wheel envy? Inherent lack of manners? Contempt toward slower-moving bipeds? Science is still searching for answers. Meanwhile, let’s hope that those rare polite and considerate types among them will eventually prevail, and let’s remember the most important rule of the road: while driving, stay prepared for anything.


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