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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Info Post

The Genome Generation by Elizabeth Finkel is an amazing journey into the science and culture of the human genome. The author is a science journalist, delivering very complex information in the simplest possible form. Her book is a wonderful read for an expert as well as for a layman, because her style is so fresh and engaging. In her book, our genes are compared to glass beads that pass through surronding matter unchanged to spring up in future generations with surprising results. She brings back the early science on genetics with precision and clarity to show her readers what a long and hard way we had to endure in our understanding of relations and coincidences, or whatever we call fate and luck. Are we predestined to repeat the ills and mistakes of our ancestors? Do we have to take measures against our imbedded genetic demons? Are we on the way of creating superhumans and dividing the human race into the smart-gorgeous-healthy-rich vs. the-rest-of-us? There might be no definitive answers yet, but I don't want to be a spoiler - read the book!


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