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Monday, January 28, 2008

Info Post
Q: I finally met a guy who I really like, and our relationship has progressed nicely for three months now, but there is something about him that puzzles me. He loves spending time with my friends and at my home, but he never introduced me to any of his friends, nor did he ever invite me to his place. He gave me his cell phone number, but said he didn't have a home phone, or a business phone, because he 'works from home with his cell phone. ' I know he does something with computers, but that's about all I know about him. He brushes away my questions, and says he has no friends who I could meet... Could that be true?
A: Not to get all paranoid here, but the guy's behavior surely makes one wonder. Have you ever seen his ID? Chances are, his name is not what you call him. Or worse, he might use different names for different purposes. A guy who has no friends and no home to invite you to might be married with children, or a fugitive, or both. He might be living with his mother or be an ax murderer. No, scratch that. Ax murderers don't usually enjoy their girlfriends' friends. He might be homeless, unstable, or just a hermit with no social ties and a messy apartment. Come to think of it, I suggest you decline his invitation should he ask you to come to his place. Learn more about him before you go there.


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