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Monday, January 7, 2008

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If visiting HANG ART is largely a deja-vu experience, it’s mostly because the gallery founder, Shanna McBurney, made it a point to display only local artists. Inevitably, familiar fragments of San Francisco skyline, like in Katherine Valentine’s or Jimmy Chen’s artwork, Sukey Bryan’s seascapes, and Tjasa Owen’s sun and salt-ridden grasses of Northern California shore spring everywhere among the more fantastical pieces, like Dreamscapes of Ivy Jacobsen, Imprints, Constructs and Light series by Ute Zaunbauer, and Stephanie Jucker’s fairyland.
“Most of our artists are from the Bay Area,” said Heidi Hansen, a HANG art consultant. “Some are from as far as Big Sur and Tahoe. We try to have exclusivity in the Bay Area.”
HANG, which turns 10 y.o. this June, sells only original fine art, and nothing that can be reproduced, like photography. The gallery also rents out artwork to businesses and homes for a try-out period, at 10% of the selling price.
“We openly display our prices,” said Hansen. “Everything is upfront, and there is no negotiation. What you see is what you get for the price printed on a card next to an artwork. Most are very affordably priced.”
Besides in-house sales, HANG operates a user-friendly website, where more exciting local artists are represented, whose work can be bought or rented online. Imaginary Objects by Jessica Martin, Jeff Hantman’s collages and Hidden Knowledge series by Judy Spiegel, resembling illustrations to Jorge Luis Borges’s mystical prose can all be viewed and ordered here.
“We go to as many open studios as we can,” said Hansen describing HANG’s modus operandi. “We always accept submissions. Our staff members review every submitted work, and we invite guest artists for trial exhibitions to see how their work would be accepted.”
Currently, the gallery hosts some 65 living artists of all genres, including abstract, figurative, and landscape--all contemporary, all working in the area. “All you need to know is what you like,” proclaims HANG, which is open every day, and changes its display often.
HANG ART is located at 556 Sutter Street in SF. For more information, call 415-434-4264 or visit
Photo by Emma Krasov: Heidi Hansen in the HANG ART gallery.


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