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Thursday, September 2, 2010

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Question: I will be leaving for college in a couple of weeks. My boyfriend already left because his school started earlier in a different state. We had an agreement that I will come visit him next year during the spring break. It turns out I have several days to spare, so I can go visit him now. He is very excited at the prospect of seeing me so soon, but my parents are saying that spring break is close enough and I should not go now. I am older than 18, I work and have my own money, and can travel without their permission, but I don’t want to turn them against me. What should I do?
Answer: Your decision should depend on what you really want. If you feel that seeing your boyfriend now is important, then spend more time talking to your parents about it. I don’t think they would turn against you should you go see your boyfriend without their approval. After all, they raised you the way you are – a college student and a responsible working adult, so they might eventually come to terms with you making your own independent decisions. However, not having them on your side right away might take some enjoyment out of your planned trip, so try to persuade them one more time.


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