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Friday, February 15, 2013

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Deadline: March 6, 2013
Finalists will be announced on: March 13, 2013
No Entry Fees
Contest Theme
The CHOCOLATE SALON Fashion / Photography / Art Competitions have themes of chocolate, confections or fragrance. Submissions may interpret these themes broadly.
Up to 15 will be awarded in each category:
- Publication in press releases and on the website of the San Francisco or Seattle CHOCOLATE SALON
- An Exhibition in the Reception Entry area of the San Francisco or Seattle CHOCOLATE SALON, reaching thousands of attendees and media outlets.
- 1 Ticket to attend the San Francisco or Seattle CHOCOLATE SALON.
Winning pieces will be displayed at the Salon in the following manner:
1)FASHION: On a winner-provided mannequin or live model in the high-visibility designated area of the Chocolate Salon. If the winner prefers to use a live model, we will incorporate this element into the Salon.
2)PHOTOGRAPHY / PAINTINGS: On a winner provided canvas (framed or unframed), which will be hung in the "Gallery" area of the Chocolate Salon
3)CERAMICS / SCULPTURE: Pieces will be on display on a cordoned-off set of exhibition tables.
No staffing is required or allowed for any exhibited pieces.
Note: The organizers are not responsible for breakage, theft, sale, etc. to winning items. Winners must pick up pieces at the end of the Salon (6pm in SF, 5pm in Seattle)
Judging will base its decisions on the images and pieces submitted. The consistency and innovativeness, as well as the technical ability, in which the submission reflects the designated theme and category will be the main criteria of Finalist selection.

The contest is open to all except TCB-Cafe Publishing or TasteTV staff and immediate family members, as well as the staff and immediate family members of the contest sponsors
All entries must be the original work of the Entrant. Entrant is solely responsible for obtaining necessary authorizations in order to submit their work (e.g. model release forms, etc).
1) FASHION: Chocolate or confection influenced designs can be made entirely of chocolate, partly of chocolate, with simple chocolate elements (eg. buttons, ribbons), or made from items such as chocolate wrappers.
The designs can be an entire outfit, a top or bottom, shoes, hats, or simply jewelry. (see these links for examples A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J). They can also be spin-off and related concepts such as Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, 50 Shades of Chocolate, Parisian chocolate chic, Chocolate Steampunk, etc.
2) PHOTOGRAPHY / PAINTINGS: Photography can be of chocolate items, chocolate recipes, chocolate in use, chocolate in fashion, or chocolate as inspiration.
They can also be spin-off and related concepts such as Alice in Wonderland, Willy Wonka, 50 Shades of Chocolate, Parisian chocolate chic, Chocolate Steampunk, etc.
3) CERAMICS / SCULPTURE: Pieces should be of recognizable chocolate or pastry items, such as cakes, pies, rabbits, etc. We strongly recommend that entries not simply be chocolate colored without a related chocolate theme.
In this Call for Entries, all submissions for review should be in digital format, submitted online. Photographic slides and prints are ineligible, unless specifically requested by the contest organizers.
For fashion and ceramics/sculpture, digital submissions are for review. Actual pieces are required for the Exhibition.
Only digital format submissions are accepted when determining eligibility. Submitted work must have been created within the last four years.
All entrants must complete a Registration form. To enter and complete the Registration form, click here.

All entries must be postmarked by March 6, 2013. Entries cannot be accepted afterwards unless the deadline is officially extended. Finalists will be announced in March 2013.
Finalists will be posted on this Competition website. All entrants are required to check that website to determine status.
The Annual SF Chocolate Salon takes place in March 2013, and the Annual Seattle Chocolate Salon takes place in May 2013.
There is no Entry Fees for these competitions. Entrants can submit multiple images or designs up to three.
Additional prizes and sponsors to be announced.
All winning images, art and fashion designs will also be on display on the CHOCOLATE SALON websites, as well as in a TasteTV video featuring the competition. Registration and more information at:


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