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Sunday, February 10, 2013

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By Emma Krasov
Fast-forward to 2016: emerging from a three-year renovation, our beloved San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will look like this.
However, this year, SFMOMA as we know it won’t be around for long…
Having an enormous privilege to work as a private tour guide at my favorite museum, I urge you to consider visiting it before it closes on June 2.  
Come to say good-bye to old friends in the permanent collection or to see the most comprehensive retrospective of Garry Winogrand – one of the most important photographers of the twentieth century (March 9 - June 2).
[Garry Winogrand captured moments of everyday American life in the postwar era, producing an expansive picture of a nation rich with possibility but threatening to spin out of control. This long-awaited show brings together iconic and never-before-seen pictures, revealing for the first time the full sweep of Winogrand's prodigious career. Jointly organized by SFMOMA and the National Gallery of Art, Washington, the exhibition features more than 300 photograph and a selection of the artist's experimental 8mm footage from the late 1960s]. 
If you work for a company that may want to organize a group tour at SFMOMA for its employees, or if you have upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, relatives in town, or just friends getting together for a bit of nostalgia, please use any of these reasons for making this pilgrimage and order a group tour with or without a private guide, but with a group discount (for 10 and more) and other perks.
Just call Group Visits Coordinator Jean at 415-357-4197. More information at:


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